THE PERFECT PAIR (2015, Comedy/Fantasy) Two strangers find themselves on a whimsical adventure, when they discover where their lost socks disappeared to on laundry night. Premiered at the Long Island International Film Expo on July 9, 2015.

DEAD DRUNK (2012-2013, Slapstick Zomedy) A zombie shambles through a silent, black-and-white world, craving alcohol instead of flesh. Originally produced as web series on an iPhone 4, this “final cut” illustrates the complete misadventures of the beer-guzzling zombie. [Official Selection, NYC Horror Film Festival, 2012; Winner, Best Music : Mike Polizzi – Macabre Faire, 2013]

Mike Polizzi has written a feature length version of Dead Drunk, which will be in production in the near future.

SELENOPHOBIA (2012, Horror) A young woman’s nighttime encounter in the woods turns horrific when the full moon rises and her lover is forced to make a difficult decision. This film is episode 3/season 1 of the In Fear Of web series.  [Official Selection, Long Island International Film Expo, 2013]

“Very seldom do I come across a werewolf movie or TV show that is unique and entertaining. ‘Selenophobia: Fear of the Moon’ tastefully portrays a woman’s struggle to fight the beast within…”

– Cassie Carnage, Cassie Carnage’s House of Horror