The Gorillas

Mike Polizzi is a screenwriter, filmmaker and award winning composer. Inspired at age 7, Mike spent his childhood and adolescent years producing short films and skits with friends. After attending film school in 1997, he practiced “serious” filmmaking and assisted story department executives at Paramount Pictures in 2004. For awhile, Mike focused on honing his musical talents, citing influences such as Danny Elfman, Bernard Herrmann and Jerry Goldsmith. In May 2012: he returned to the “director’s chair” with the zomedy film, “Dead Drunk,” and then participated in the “In Fear Of” series with his original music and episode, “Selenophobia: Fear of the Moon.” Today, Mike continues to develop more projects in the horror and comedy genres.

Morgan O’Connell has been a Long Island resident his whole life. He began his interest in acting and movie making at the age of 7 when his neighbor brought home a VHS camera and began making movies.

He pursued acting in High School and acting when he met an aspiring young film-maker while working at an electronics store.

Morgan has an eager desire to work on projects whether on screen or behind the scenes and currently produces movies with Mike Polizzi.


Mike Lane pursued acting from 2000-2007 with such determination, vigor and dedication that it almost killed him. He has worked on approximately 100 projects and is most well known for the voice of Rock Howard in PlayStation 2’s “King of Fighters 2006” and as Hubcap in “The Blood Shed”. His likeness was also used for a mannequin at the Kenosha Civil War Museum, which involved a full body cast whilst wearing a speedo.

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Adrienne Asterita is a professional Actress & Singer, as well as a Teaching Artist & Director in the New York/New Jersey area. She has experience in Theatre, Musical Theatre, Film, TV, Studio Recordings, and Live Bands.  Adrienne had her first writing & producing experience with her web series: Asshole Approved, which she also directed and acted in.  Adrienne has extensive experience working with children, teaching in various after school programs & summer camps, and loves directing shows for kids. She also loves working with FLickGorilla, and looks forward to their many zany adventures together! For more info, visit her website:

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