The Perfect Pair

Where do our socks go when they get lost in the dryer?

The Perfect Pair
is a 5-minute comedy film that answers that question!

Two strangers (played by Mike Lane and Adrienne Asterita) find themselves on a whimsical adventure, when they discover where their missing socks disappeared to on laundry night.

Shot entirely in Nassau County, Long Island, this silent film, illustrated by Mike Polizzi’s original music, will have its world premiere at the Long Island International Film Expo on July 9, 2015, during the 2:30pm film block. 

Bellmore Movies – 222 Pettit Ave., Bellmore, NY (Directly North of the Bellmore Train Station)

Reviewing a Take (Mike Lane, Mike Polizzi, Adrienne Asterita)

Mike Polizzi Directing Mike Lane at the Laundromat

Mike Polizzi Directing “The Perfect Pair”



Behind the Scenes:

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The Perfect Pair © 2014-2015 Mike Polizzi. All Rights Reserved.



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