Over The Moon: Selenophobia

It was an idea I had many moons ago . . .  A dark story about a woman infected by a werewolf . . .

“Selenophobia” was just another script that I stored on the shelf, until I found an opportunity to produce it.

In 2009: I reconnected with an old friend, and fellow filmmaker from my high school days, Scott W. Perry. He had produced a number of impressive short films, such as “Insatiable” – a vampire story starring a familiar face: Mike Lane.

I met Mike Lane in 2002, when I was auditioning actors and actresses for an “attempted” werewolf feature. After that, I decided to take a break from filmmaking and concentrate on my musical compositions and writing – which I did, for 7-years.

Mike Polizzi & Mike Lane on the set of “Selenophobia”
(Photo by Steven-Mark Glassner)

But, after seeing Scott’s progress, and meeting his filmmaker friends, I felt the urge to get back into the fun. I wrote a couple of short films (some I still want to produce), and then I found myself revising “Selenophobia”  – but, I wasn’t ready to produce it. My only hindrance was the lack of money.

So, back on the shelf it went . . . Until, one day in April 2012, when I had coffee with Scott and Mike to chat about where we’ve been, what we’re doing and what we want to do. I told Mike about “Dead Drunk,” and then, one month later: we shot the first 4 minute episode. But, after coffee, Scott walked me to my car and disclosed his web-series idea about phobias. He called it “In Fear Of” and I was immediately intrigued. He told me all about it, who was involved, etc., and then I told him about “Selenophobia.” A perfect fit, from the title alone.

Scott already had 6 episodes planned and that was his limit for  Season One. But, over the course of the year, he included me on one of the shoots as Assistant Director, and then eventually as a Composer for the series’ theme song and first episode (and eventually two more episodes). By the end of July, Scott said he could only afford to make 5 episodes. In response, I offered to produce “Selenophobia” out of my own pocket and call it “episode 6.” After reading the script, Scott accepted my proposal and, by August 2012, I was storyboarding, composing and casting the film.

A Storyboard from “Selenophobia” by Mike Polizzi

Louisa Ward in “Selenophobia”

Louisa Ward was one of two recommendations Scott received from co-producer, Jeremiah Kipp and cinematographer, Dominick Sivilli. I researched her work and instantly knew she was our lead. Scott and I met with her in Manhattan shortly after, and then we all agreed to shoot on September 15, 2012.

Mike Lane

Mike Lane was, without question, my supporting lead. After working with Mike again, on “Dead Drunk,” we became really good friends and work well together. He’s become my muse.

Scott introduced me to our cinematographer, Steven-Mark Glassner, who worked on a previous episode. Steve was great to collaborate with and did an amazing job.

Also on board were my old friends: Morgan O’Connell (Assistant Director/Co-Producer), who has been making films with me since 2000; and Jay Priole (Production Assistant), who has been making films with me since 1992. It was quite nostalgic having them, and Scott, in this type of environment again.

I asked Ria Schlingheyde to do our special effects, after viewing Halloween photos that demonstrated her make-up skills. It was her first time on a film project and she did a superb job.

On The Set: Morgan O’Connell, Mike Polizzi, Steven-Mark Glassner, Jay Priole, Scott W. Perry

After a personal rough cut, Scott took my layout, completed the final cut and moved it up to Episode 3, which I am grateful for.

In January 2013: we had the privilege to screen all 6 “In Fear Of” episodes (twice) at the 2nd Macabre Faire Film Festival in Rockville Centre, New York. A lot of interest surfaced, and then Scott & company initiated Season 2 (due out on Halloween 2013).

Scott W. Perry, Mike Polizzi, Steven-Mark Glassner & Jeremiah Kipp representing “IN FEAR OF” at the 2nd Macabre Faire Film Festival (January 2013)

Flash-forward to June 2013: “Selenophobia” became an Official Selection at Long Island International Film Expo, which runs from July 17th to July 24th at the Bellmore Movies in, you guessed it, Bellmore, NY.

– Mike Polizzi

The Trailer:

“A very interesting take on the werewolf genre, ‘Selenophobia: Fear of the Moon’ is an extremely well made short film, superbly acted by Mike Lane and the ethereally gorgeous Louisa Ward. I was amazed at the ability of the two leads to deliver an emotional, wrenching performance without the benefit of actual dialogue. This is how it’s done! Kudos to Polizzi and his stellar cast.”

 Tom Gleba, NerdRemix.com

“Very seldom do I come across a werewolf movie or TV show that is unique and entertaining. ‘Selenophobia: Fear of the Moon’ tastefully portrays a woman’s struggle to fight the beast within…”

– Cassie Carnage’s House of Horror


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