Selenophobia: Fear of the Moon

A young woman’s nighttime encounter in the woods turns horrific when the full moon rises and her lover is forced to make a difficult decision. Starring Louisa Ward and Mike Lane; Written, Produced, Music and Directed by Mike Polizzi.

© 2012 Mike Polizzi. All Rights Reserved.

“A very interesting take on the werewolf genre, ‘Selenophobia: Fear of the Moon’ is an extremely well made short film, superbly acted by Mike Lane and the ethereally gorgeous Louisa Ward. I was amazed at the ability of the two leads to deliver an emotional, wrenching performance without the benefit of actual dialogue. This is how it’s done! Kudos to Polizzi and his stellar cast.”

Tom Gleba,

“Very seldom do I come across a werewolf movie or TV show that is unique and entertaining. ‘Selenophobia: Fear of the Moon’ tastefully portrays a woman’s struggle to fight the beast within…”

Cassie Carnage’s House of Horror

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L to R: Morgan O’Connell (Assistant Director); Mike Polizzi (Director); Steven-Mark Glassner (Cinematographer); Jay Priole (Production Assistant); Scott W. Perry (Series Producer)

Mike Polizzi and Mike Lane on-set
[Photo by Steven-Mark Glassner]

Louisa Ward and Mike Lane
[Photo by Steven-Mark Glassner]




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